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.308 Nickel Bullet Belt With Nickel Tips Extra Strip of 7


.308 Nickel Bullet Belt With Nickel Tips Extra Strip of 7

.308 Nickel Belt With Nickel Tips Extra Strip of 7.

Add This if you need a Bullet belt bigger then the sizes we offer, or you can create your own belt by ordering strips of the different types we stock, 9 of these strips would be about 37 inches. Each of these strips of 7 bullets adds about 4 inches to your belt. Remember when mixing different types, .308 bullets only fit other .308 bullets.

We can not ship these belts out of the usa at this time. If you live outside the usa please do not order this belt.

Base- Nickel
Tip- Nickel
Link- Black/Gray
Height- 2 3/4 inches
Width- 7 bullets = 4 inches

Belt sizes
24 inch - 6 strips - (42 bullets)
28 inch - 7 strips - (49 bullets)
33 inch - 8 strips - (56 bullets)


Belts are shipped in strips of 10 or less.


INERT bullet belts. INERT means harmless, non energetic. Like a piece of paper. Or a frying pan. Our 'bullet belts' contain no active components of any kind - no gunpowder, no live primers, just metal - usually brass, copper, steel and/or coated lead. Their intended use is for display purposes, film production as a movie-prop, re-enactment, decoration and fashion wear.


Proposition 65 Notice

In the State of California there exists what is referred to as "Proposition 65". Proposition 65 is the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Any company that operates in California, sells products in California, or manufactures products that may be sold in or brought into California is subject to Proposition 65. Since our products are sold in California, Proposition 65 applies to us. So, here is our notice to you concerning this product.

"Warning, this product contains chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause Cancer, Birth Defects and other reproductive harm." What does this mean as far as bullet belts? - The tip of our bullets, like all bullets, are lead. We only use copper covered lead tips, never exposed lead. Cool


Please - Keep this product away from all school yards and other school facilities and functions. Basically, most if not all public and private schools in the USA have adopted a 'Zero Tolerance' policy that means just what it says. Wear it to school or say, a school football game - you will be suspended, and probably expelled. Not Cool. Our product looks like ammunition because it is, but without the necessary components that make it hazardous. You know that and we know that but a casual observer may not. Please be sensible.


Are you stupid? Do not even think about wearing a bullet belt into an airport. If you do, I can promise you that you will be detained, maybe worse.  Be smart. If you wish to travel with your bullet belt, simply mail it to where you are going.




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