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A 288 page novel-like narrative, Evasion is one person's travelogue of thievery and trespassing across the country, evading not only arrest, but also the 40-hour workweek and hopeless boredom of modern life. The journey documents a literal and metaphorical reclamation of an individual's life and the spaces surrounding them—scamming, squatting, dumpstering, train hopping and shoplifting a life worth living and a world worth the fighting for.

“. . . then life began, and since then we remember each dumpster, abandoned house, and foot-chase by retail security. At night, after running around, plotting and scheming, our checklist items all crossed out, we paused to think—'What to do tomorrow?' and the answer was always, 'As we please . . .'”

“One of the most romantic and celebrated cultural icons in America is the train-hopping hobo, who travels around the country as he likes, free to roam, the other side of the country only a train hop away, not knowing when his next meal will be, but not willing to humiliate himself enough to get a shitty job. “Well, Evasion, the newest publication from everyone's favorite DIY punk anarcho-individualist (add your own misrepresenting label here) publishing house and propaganda machine, CrimethInc., brings back the hobo for the youth of today. Originally published as a 100-page photocopied zine, Evasion made the rounds in the zine world until, as legend goes, it was picked up and passed around through CrimethInc.'s extensive Kinko's connections and distributed. “And the book is a pleasure to read. This reviewer took Evasion along with him on a cross-country Amtrak trip and it served as a perfect compliment to stopping through no-name Montana towns and endless miles of strip malls. The Evasion narrative weaves in and out of different times and places, not going in chronological order, criss-crossing the country, hopping on trains, hitchhiking, living on top of bagel stores, dumpster diving, shoplifting, squatting, and falling in love. Evasion has it all. “Evasion offers many beautiful stories about surviving in voluntary squalor that are human and touching, yet liberatory and hopeful at the same time. There's a functional aspect to the book as well, in the form of great tips on train hopping, hitch hiking, shoplifting from specific stores like Barnes and Noble's (to which many pages are devoted), and many other how-to's in the underground world. Part of the beauty of this book is that I could have run into this kid about a thousand times and never known. “The author of Evasion is a product of his time: an alienated high school dropout that refuses wage-slavery and commodity economic systems in the only way he can—by becoming an outlaw. While clearly not a blueprint for revolutionary action (no one's saying it is) as CrimethInc. writes in a short preface, it is one model of revolutionary activity in which at least one person has found solace and meaning in this absurd country we're living in. It's nice to know there are still people living outside of the radar screen of society, and writing well enough to tell us about it in a way that is enjoyable and offers an insightful and critical account of the United States.” the insurgent, October 2001


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